Two large maps by Johann Theodor Übbing (1786-1864), have returned to Huis Landfort after having been stored in the archives of the Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen Foundation for many years. These are two special maps that Übbing made when he started working as an architect for Huis Landfort. He made one map outlining the situation he encountered when he started his work in 1823, and the second map shows his plans for his client Luyken. The oldest map illustrates much of what has changed since 1823. The manor house and pigeon tower on the newer map from 1825 are as we know them today, however, Übbing envisioned another layout of the garden. His plans may well have been realized but the design may have been changed a few years later by Jan David Zocher Jr. (1791-1870), who designed the current scenic park. His client Luyken may not have been satisfied with Übbing’s plan, which looked less grand than Zocher Jr.’s plan. Nevertheless, Übbing’s design drawing does demonstrate the large-scale metamorphosis that Huis Landfort underwent around 1825.