Now that the scaffolding around the coach house has been removed, the colour of the building is clearly visible, and the addition of the dark blue doors and shutters will create an attractive play of colours. This can be seen more clearly on the manor house, where the windows and cornices have already been painted dark blue (Prussian blue). In combination with the light yellow facades and the cream coloured window frames, a surprisingly pleasant interaction has been created that is quite different from the situation before the restoration. The dormers and chimneys are now painted dark grey instead of cream, which better complements the grey tiled roof. As a result, the pediment of the façade stands out more and contrasts with the tiled roof. It is an inspired choice of colours because they are a reminder of the colours of the Luyken family’s coat of arms and they create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere.

In both the coach house and the manor house, the work is shifting from the exterior to the interior. The completion phase has begun, which includes work such as laying pipes, plastering, tiling, panelling and painting. The interior of the manor house will be taken care of in 2021, and that project has been entrusted to the experts of Bouwstra & Verlaan architectural firm. Work on the coach house and the manor house will be carried out by the craftsmen of Hoffman restoration contractor.