During your walk on the estate’s grounds, you may have noticed   that Huis Landfort’s roof has been completely restored thanks to Van Wely roofing firm. What you could not see is that the roof is now completely insulated on the inside. This was necessary because temperatures there could reach up to 45 degrees Celsius on hot summer days! Imagine how this would have felt for the maids and other live-in staff who usually slept in the attic.

The clock tower has also been fitted with new lead, and the dial and cast iron weathervane have been restored. Did you know that one of the designs for Huis Landfort from around 1825 shows a much larger clock tower? This is most likely the design of the Anholt architect Johann Theodor Übbing (1786-1864). He drew a colossal tower with as many as three floors. The current elegant tower corresponds to the tower that was ultimately built, but unfortunately, no drawings of that design have been preserved.